Dr. Rachel E. Boschen

About Me

I’m a marine biologist specialising in deep-sea ecology, with a particular interest in the ecological effects of seafloor mining. When I’m not collecting samples at sea, working with specimens in the lab or analysing data at my computer, you’ll find me doing typical marine biologist activities… swimming, walking along the seashore and SCUBA diving, including amateur underwater photography. Wherever there’s water, you’ll find me! 


Current position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Canadian Healthy Oceans Network II. Department of Biology & School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. January 2016 – Present. 

Education: PhD in Marine Biology at the School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. August 2012 – June 2016. Integrated Master of Science (MScI) in Marine Biology: graduated top of the year with First Class Honours from Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton, UK. September 2008 – July 2012.

When I'm not at work, you'll find me somewhere near water

Psychedelic sea slug: Public Choice winner in the NIWA 2014 photography competition.